Member Information

Member Only Pages Access:

We have created a new "members only" access area. These areas will require that you create an account to log in. You will be asked to create a unique password. Upon completion, a request will be sent to the administrator to allow access. Once access is granted you will be able to post in the forum, and see the other pages in the area. You must be a CURRENT member IN GOOD STANDING to be granted access. 

Member News

June, 2020: Monthly meetings have resumed (subject to social distancing and current orders) and weekly public trap is open to members (not the public) until further notice.

02/2018: The Board and membership will now allow a "family" membership. The primary member has a work commitment, a spouse or domestic partner who resides in the household may obtain a gate card and may use the range without the primary member present. Only the primary member gets to vote at meetings. Bylaws were changed to reflect this new status.

100/200 Driveway and Range Upgrades (Sep 2020)

The drive up to the shooting area has been widened for better access and a 3-4 space turnaround/parking area has been added at the top of the hill.


The barrier between the 10/25 Shed and the 50 now extends the full length of the range for better protection. No more need to stop both sheds when changing targets downrange!

Perimeter fencing completed on all sides

Trap Range Renovation (July 2019)

Our Trap range is now regulation size and handicap accessible.

Thanks to a matching grant from the DNR, our trap range was extensively upgraded to be fully regulation size along with needed improvements to become handicap accessible. A handicap rest station is also standard for the range in 2020.

Stairs to 10/25 & 50 yard Shooting pavilions (Dec 2017):

New galvanized metal stairs are now installed leading down to the 10/25 & 50 yard shooting areas. Thanks AL! They are very sturdy, wide and are textured to grip in all conditions with support railings as well.

Electronic Entry Gate (July 2017):

The new gate is a nice, new convenience allowing members to enter without the hassle of a padlock. Keep in mind that the gate has a 10 second delay before it starts to close, so if you are concerned about someone coming in behind you without scanning their card, simply wait for it to close before you leave the gate area. The gate also keeps track of who is coming and going from the range.


NOTE: The Gate Card Reader is a backup to the log book, please continue to sign in as always (including name, guests, range and caliber). Range sign-in/out policy still in force with the new gate. Make SURE you sign in & out.


If either your card or the reader is not working, call the president or the range officer. You can still access the range through the side gate (using the combo lock) and walk. If the reader is not operational, there will be a bag over it and the padlock will be on the main gate; use your current membership combo to unlock the gate, open it manually, then close and lock the gate behind you.


NOTE: If you have not paid your dues, or have had your club access suspended, your card will be deactivated.

Pavilion (June 2017)

A new covered pavilion with concrete base is now completed and providing shade and comfort. Conveniently located by the Trap field just off the parking lot.

Security Cameras (June 2017):

Cameras have been installed in the parking lot and at each shooting shed. Our club officers have the ability to monitor them remotely.